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    Default ASUS Rampage iii EXtreme... System freeze in about every 10 hours.

    Sorry for my English is not perfect.(I am Asian.)

    This is my Sysytems Componets.(And its Peripherals.)

    CPU : I7-980X Extreme
    MOBO : Rampage III Extreme
    MOBO->Audio Controller : Disabled
    MOBO->Ethernet Controller : Gigabit IntelŽ LAN(intel82566MM.kext works)
    MOBO->S-ATA Controller1 : ICH10R(Change controller mode to AHCI mode on Bios)
    MOBO->S-ATA Controller2 : JMicronŽ JMB363 PATA and SATA controller(Change controller mode to AHCI mode on Bios)
    MOBO->S-ATA Controller3 : MarvellŽ 9128 PCIe SATA 6Gb/s controller(Enabled, but Don't Use. Cable Disconnected.)
    MOBO->NEC USB3.0 Controller : Enabled(Using LaCieUSB3-OS106 Package)
    RAID Controller : HighPoint RocketRAID 2640X4 4ch(Using Official HighPoint RAID Driver Package)
    DIMM : 4G Samsung 10600 * 6
    VGA : NVIDIA Geforce 470 Reference PCB(Using tonymacx86's Driver)

    This is my Bios Settings.
    1. Advanced tab -> CPU Configurations
    CPU Ratio Setting Auto
    C1E Support Enabled
    Hardware Prefetcher Enabled
    Adjacent Cache Line Prefetch Enabled
    MPS and ACPI MADT ordering Modern ordering
    Intel(R) Virtualization Tech Enabled
    CPU TM Function Enabled
    Execute Disabled Bit Enabled
    Intel HT Technology Enabled
    Active Processor Cores All
    A20M Disabled
    Intel SpeedStep(TM) Tech Enabled
    Intel Turbo Mode Tech Enabled
    Performance/Watt select Traditional
    Intel C-STATE Tech Disabled

    2. Advanced tab -> Onboard Devices Configuration
    High Definition Audio Disabled
    On board SATA Controller Enabled
    GBE Controller Enabled(Without Boot Rom and WOL)
    Onboard 1394 Controller Enabled
    Onboard SATA6G Controller AHCI MODE
    Onboard USB 3.0 Controller Enabled

    3. Advanced tab -> USB Configurations
    USB Functions Enabled
    USB 2.0 Controller Enabled
    USB 2.0 Controller Mode HiSpeed
    BIOS EHCI Hand-Off Enabled
    Legacy USB Support AUTO

    4. Advanced tab -> Advanced PCI/PnP Settings
    Plug And Play O/S No

    5. Main tab -> Storage Configuration
    Configure SATA as AHCI
    Hard Disk Write Protect : Disabled
    IDE Detect Time Out(SEC) 35

    6. Power tab
    Suspend Mode S3 only
    Repost Video on S3 Resume Yes
    ACPI 2.0 Support Enabled
    ACPI APIC Support Enabled
    EuP Ready Disabled

    I attached SMBIOS File , DSDT.aml File, and kextstat result file and list of EE and SLE.

    This is work sequence.

    1. Install retail OSX using IBoot Disk.
    2. Update and install bootloader(Using IBoot Disk).
    3. Boot by bootloader and install Driver Files(USB3.0, Highpoint Driver, Intel Ethernet Driver and NVIDIA 470 Driver).
    4. Delete AppleTyMCEDriver.kext. I Don't Know Why.(
    5. Patch DSDT.AML(Slow SATA FIX)
    6. Shut Down.
    7. Connect Data storage Disk in ICH10R(I use SSD Raid-0 for boot Device)
    8. Format Data store disk to exFAT FS.(I Want to use this between OSX and Windows7)
    9. setup Vmware Fusion and install Windows.(Because I Have to Use ActiveX for my Work)
    10. VM Image File is stored in DATA disk(ICH10R)
    11. Use System for about 9~10 hours.
    12. System Freeze.
    13. Reset System. System works normally.
    14. Turn on VM.
    15. 11~14 repeated.

    I want to know why this problem happens.

    Please Help me how to solve this trouble.

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    1. I tried Disabling S-ATA 6G Controller.(Result is same)
    2.I tried
    Intel C-STATE Tech Enabled
    C State package limit setting Auto
    C1 Auto Demotion Enabled
    C3 Auto Demotion Enabled

    System Freeze in about 5~10 minutes.

    3. Connect Storage disk in JMicron E-SATA port.
    System Freeze in 10 hours.

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    I disabled EIST and C1E, System works perfectly for about 24 hours.
    I think this problem is occurred by power management function.



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