Hello, all.

First of all, let me say that yes, I have searched the web, the forums, googled etc. A link with an answer that I couldn't find is as welcome as the answer itself

I have an Asus P5B Deluxe Wifi MB, running Leopard very satisfyingly for two months now. However, my Snow Leo installation attempts have been fruitless. I know for a fact that my mobo should be compatible, as there are several success stories on the internet, and I am using a pretty standard NVIDIA video card, SATA dvd burner, etc.

Actually, now I am at a point where I open the retail image file (from working Leo install), execute OSInstall.mpkg, and before it reaches 10% installation it locks up and gives me the equivalent of a windows bluescreen.

My conclusion so far is that I am doing something wrong on the BIOS. There must be some obscure setting that I didn't trigger, a switch I didn't flick, that will make all my nightmares go away.

Could anyone with a working P5B post their BIOS settings?
Does anyone know for a good resource with BIOS options references, what works and what does not?