Hello -

I recently picked up an Asus Eee PC 1005HA and have tried several times to resolve the same roadblock. In a nutshell, I have created my bootable media on both SD and usb flash card (weigh same results). In the tutorial I am following - which is consistent with many others I have tried - here is where I am running into the problem:

Created your hackintosh usb/sd card. Plug USB Keyboard and mouse into computer. Shut down the netbook, and once you’ve started it, hold the ESC button down, and select your USB drive (or if you’re using your SD card). Select your usb/sd card when Chameleon (the bootloader) comes up. ********* RIGHT HERE ********Once booted, you will be greeted with a language selection.
If you look where I inserted ********* RIGHT HERE ******** I see the Apple logo on the screen and the circular status throbber rotates. After a minute or 2, the computer just shuts off. No error messages - just immediately powers off. I have tried several retail OSX dmg's and I just can't get past this. Any suggestions? I haven't come across this problem in any forums yet, at least none that I have found.