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Discuss AMD Install... at the Installation -; Hey guys, i'm trying to convert my AMD machine into a hackint0sh, and as far ...
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    Default AMD Install...

    Hey guys, i'm trying to convert my AMD machine into a hackint0sh, and as far is i can see currently the only way to get Snow Leopard on an AMD maching is to have a Leopard install on it first. (If this is not the case, please correct me )
    I can't seem to get Leopard onto my machine however, because every time i try to boot anything, it always gives me the "Firewire unable to determine security mode" error followed by "Still waiting for root device". This happens even to the install DVD, so I can't even get to the install screen. I have researched online and tried different solution for a few days now, but nothing has worked.

    I have tried iPC 10.5.6, iAtkos v7, and iDeneb 1.4, same result.
    I also tried installing OS X on another hackint0sh (an intel one, was a pleasure to install XD) then moving the HDD to my AMD machine. Same error.

    My computer is an Acer Aspire m3201 with the following specs:
    AMD Phenom X4 9650 2.3GHz
    4G RAM
    Radeon HD 4350 and HD 3200
    Acer RS780HVF Motherboard with AMD 780g chipset and SB700 Southbridge
    IDE DVD drive

    Also, the 'tools' i can use include a few SATA HDDs, one old IDE HDD
    some other AMD computers and the above mentioned Intel hackint0sh, that I could do stuff on should the need arise.

    Just as a side note, I'm not sure I know how to get into the bios settings on my board. DEL goes into CMOS settings, but i don't know if this is the same thing or not lol . (Tried F1-F12, none of them go to BIOS.) I read somewhere that I need to go into AHCI mode in my bios settings, but I cannot, because I cant get there XD. There is something similar in my CMOS, "OnChip SATA Type" under "Integrated Peripherals/IDE Function Setup". Among others it has "Native IDE" (the default i think), "AHCI" and "IDE->AHCI" options.

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    You should be able to install those Leopard distros without much trouble.
    Set your BIOS SATA to AHCI first if your HDD is SATA.



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