Im performing installation of the OSX 10.6.3 from my purchased
DVD, and im having problems trying to update to 10.6.8.

This are the steps that im following:

1. Boot from IBOOT V5.0.132
2. Replaced IBOOT DVD for Snow Leopard Install DVD Version 10.6.3
3. I prepare the hard disk journaled
4. I start installation, it finishes, i change the Leopard Install DVD for
5. I select on the IBOOT menu my OSX Hard Drive to boot.
6. It asks me for all the registration details and i get to the OSX Screen.
7. I execute the UPDATER package and reboot.
8. I select again from the IBOOT Menu my OSX Hard Drive
9. I execute the Combo Update 10.6.8 It finishes but i dont restart
10. I execute the Multibeast and select Easybeast and System Utilities
it finishes and then i reboot.
11. I select from the IBOOT menu my OSX hard drive

After this the machine starts to load it changes to a dark screnn on my
monitor but it does not show anything.......
I see activity on the hard drive but it does not give any video signal...

Im using a MSI Motherboard H61M-E33B3 it has Intel Video Chipset
With an I5 2400 model

Any help on how fix this video issue