So I have my snow leopard 10.6.7 up and running perfectly. My issue now is to get nvidia drivers running and for it to boot by itself without my ModCD.

I am running:
Samsung 46" HDTV through mini HDMI/HDMI
ASUS Formula III
AMD Phenom 965 x4
Nvidia GTX 460
Patriot Inferno 120GB SSD (Exclusive for Mac)
Seagate 1TB HDD (Exclusive for windows)

Nawcom's ModCD
(iBoot available as well)

I can't get the system to boot with EFI, iBoot legacy or by itself. Only with Nawcom's ModCD. I gets hung up on the Apple logo while booting by itself. I tried running the boot with "-v -f" and it reads a crap load of files and then I guess where it gets hung up, it just goes to a black screen.

My BIOS is set to AHCI, S3 Standby and x15.00 CPU that way it isn't over 3GHz.

My windows hard drive is not connected during any of this, but I would like to have both connected by the end of all this so that I can either boot mac or windows from either HDD. Also my resolution is underscanned for the GFX side of things.