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    Default Acer Timeline 1410 Perfect install guide!

    hy people..
    i did a 90% install on my timeline 1410(not 100% because my dell1510 wifi isnīt here yet and original intel5100 will take some time to develop)


    processor: Core 2 Solo 1.4ghz fsb 800mhz 3MB cache
    vga: GMA X4500
    ethernet: Atheros AR8131 - Vendor ID 1063:1969
    Wifi: Intel5100abgn (bad one - can be replaced for dell1510 HALF SIZE CARD - find on ebay)

    so, first of all, you need:

    - running Mac OS (Leo or SL)
    - a SL DMG retail copy (google it)
    - the latest myhackinstaller packag (google it)
    - a 8gb usb pendrive or external HD -> (my way)
    - a 10-16GB internal partition FREE to install SL (MBR format works)

    1)restore the dmg SL installation file to the pendrive or external hd

    2)run myhackinstaller and select your pendrive restored partition or external HD. In personalize selec ONLY:
    -ApplePS2Controller (very important for U)
    -NullCPUPowe (for now select but i think that in the closer future weīll disable it)

    after watch carefuly this, install(run or install or apply or whatever... i forgot the name hehehe)

    4) umount this device and plug it in your netbook

    5) boot from it (select in bios for usb boot, or F12 if enabled) remeber, internal Disk in bios must be AHCI mode!

    6) install method as defaults (remeber to remove all the unused languages, printers, etc)


    8)boot AGAIN trough usb device and now selec the internall disk (itīs good to rename the disks to you donīt mess up) i put:
    macnamara for mac on INTERNAL HD
    macusb for mac on USB HD (i needed it because i first installed into another HD USB partition to test it..)

    9) so after select usb boot, select your internal HD and proceed to boot

    10) type your name, keyboard, babababababa and when you get desktop, open finder and search on the usb installation device myhackinstaller package and run it again (select the SAME options that youīve selected before) changing ONLY the LOCATION (now on the internal HD)

    11)repair permissions (i always use disk utility) and reboot (remeber to UNPLUG the usb device)

    12) there you go! you got your SL 10.6 running BUTT resolution is BAD (1024x768) and NO internet connection right... waaaaaaaaaaaait!

    13) get this package HERE: (iīll post this files later) but you can search over internet for:
    - kextutility (latest)
    - VoodooHDA (kext for SL)
    - AtherosL1cEthernet (kext for SL) and be SURE thath info.plist is edited and vendor id is ONLY "10631969" - if you find it too much complicated, wait for the kext that i'll upload.
    - AppleIntelGMAX3100 moddified kexts (for SL) or

    14) unzip into desktop and:
    slide VoodooHDA into kextutility and wait to finish
    slide AtherosL1cEthernet into kextutility ..lalalalala same above
    slide both AppleIntelGMAX3100 files (one each time) into kextutility allaallala above.

    15) do a repair permissions again (use disk utility) and reboot...

    THERE YOU GO: u got your 1410 running 10.6, native resolution and ETHERNET working!

    "But i want wifi too..."
    do you?
    ok: get yourself a dell1510 HALF SIZE minipci-e on ebay and swap for your intel5100abgn and BE EVEN MORE happy.

    question 1: can i run update...
    answer: so far as i know, you can EASY update till 10.6.2 version (i just did a 10.6.2 update downloading the DMG package from apple website and the ONLY thing that i needed to run again was the installation GMA kexts, the rest remain perfect.

    question 2: be my guest...

    thatīs it!
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    Hi, I was wondering if you get QE/CI working fully? I have been looking at laptops and I've searched everywhere and cannot get any conclusive answers as to whether the Intel GMA X4500 is fully supported with QE/CI? Any help would be massively appreciated)))

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    man, iīm away for this " mac life" for a couple months so far...
    running only win7 and no more time and balls to play this unfortunately..
    maybe in future iīll find time to reserach again but not now

    i wish you luck to find it!



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