Hey guys so first post ill try to be as detailed as i can keep in mind i have 0 exp doing this stuff.

So my journey started a few weeks ago, i had read that someone made a hackintosh out of a r1600 revo and i was liek "hey i own one!?!" so i started my journey. 25GB later i finally found an install DVD for the PC "iatkos v7" now of all the different images i tried out this was the only one that gave me a successful install (green check mark and all)

now the chameleon bootloader is installed and i was able to see the apple loading thing and thats as far as it got.

after running the -V-F arguments i see this error:

then thats as far as it gets and just hangs.

now i have these things turned off at the moment in the bios
Sata Controler : Enabled
Sata Mode: AHCI
Onbord USB controler : Enabled
legacy USB : Enabled
USB storage : Auto
Onboard audio controler isabled
Onboard LAN : Disabled for install then Enabled
Lan option ROM : Disabled

and i have tried the

so if anyone can give me step by step instructions on how to get this thing running i will forever in your debt