I have been using Windows 7 on my netbook and that is all fine and dandy. I have upgraded to 1.5 GB of RAM, but I am just sick of Windows / Microsoft / etc.. I really want to try Mac OS and see if it will suit me best. I have seen some forum entries on "how to" guides, but I am unclear as to where to start.

What I have:

1 - 8 GB USB Pen to install the OS from.
1 - Mac OS X Snow Leopard ISO.
1 - Acer Aspire One - 160 GB HDD, as well as upgraded to 1.5 GB RAM


How do I get this installation image to my 8 GB USB pen so it is bootable and will install Mac OS?

What are the exact steps on how to tweak this so all or most of the hardware still work under Mac OS? Specifically WiFi, card reader, etc.?

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks Everyone!