Hi. I've successfully installed iDeneb_v1.4_OSx86_ISO on my Acer Aspire Timeline X, 1830TZ-4383. iDeneb has a 10.5.4 kernel, size 5039804 bytes in size. This is great, but unfortunately my notebook sports a Atheros AR8151 and AR5B93, so I would like to install 10.6 so I can have networking. I've tried just about every distro and kernel I can find, but they all reboot at the white apple logo screen after installation. I've poked randomly at boot options but don't really know what I'm doing with that. My notebook has an Intel U5400, which I gather has SSE2/SSE3. What's interesting is that the installer seems to work with every distro I've tried. This means it's running the 10.6 kernel successfully at least during install, right? I've tried installing on a large WD Passport USB HD and a 8MB micro SD card.

Any ideas? It's amazing how much you miss the network when you don't have it.