So after what I think was atleast 10 reinstallations I finally got past PCI configuration begin. The next problem is now that I have no usb. I did the following,

1. installed iatkos s3
2. installed combo update
3. installed iousbfamily rollback in multibeast (selected that option only)
4. installed the SLkext provided by Unable to rebuild kext cache - InsanelyMac Forum and put them in system/library/extensions
5. set permission 0:0 and 755 to /extra and /system/library/extensions
6. removed the folder/file
7. rebooted.

And yeh I now got no usb, completely clueless on what to do. What I can say is that it seemed like the kext cache didn't get completely rebuilt (it went kinda quick and I only saw a few kexts pop up).