I have been toying with the idea of an OS X machine for a while, not because the allure of a Mac is irresistible, but because I wish to develop for WebOS, Android and the iPhone. I plan on releasing all of my projects simultaneousness, or as close to simultaneous as possible. I am building a new computer to fulfill my coding/gaming needs in the coming months, and was wondering what would be the best way to hackintosh it. I was looking in to EFI-X but according to Tom's Hardware, all it is is a USB drive with a DRM module. Ideally, I'd want this install to be using a retail copy of Snow Leopard, but I'll settle for any version of OS X that is compatible with the iPhone SDK. Because this computer will also be used for gaming on my 1920x1200 panel, there are some criteria I would prefer the components to meet.

Still not sure whether to go p55 1156 or x58 1366. Suggestions on which chipset is more hackintosh friendly? I'd want two PCI-E x16 slots or more capable of running CrossFireX or SLi, preferably both.

This has already been purchased, it is a CoolerMaster HAF 932 Full Tower. It has enough room and cooling for everything I could think of throwing at it.

Power Supply
I purchased a non-modular Corsair 750W power supply. This should be capable of running heavy-duty cards in CrossFire but I am not so sure about big players in SLi.

From what I can tell, the X8XXgt series are the best bet for hackintoshes, unfortunately I need a bit more power to game. Any word on kexts for the 5XXX cards?

If I get a p55 board, I'll be using 4GB of DDR3. If I get a x58 board, it'll be 6GB of DDR3.

I don't think this matters too much in a hackintosh, but I'll be putting in 750GB to start and installing two 1TB drives later on.

I'll most likely be using the onboard LAN, hopefully it works.

Secondary OS
I'll be dual booting OS X with my legitimate copy of Windows 7 Ultimate x64, this shouldn't matter though, should it?

Alrighty, hopefully there isn't a huge gaping hole in my plan. If you spot it, please let me know

Sorry for the long post, I'm bad at condensing content.