Hello everyone,

I've had a Dimension B110 sitting around for a while and thought I might start a project with it. Trouble is, I haven't seen anything on Celeron D's. My graphics card is a built in Intel 82865G, and I also didn't see anything on Intel [integrated] graphics. Would anyone like to help? Oh, and the machine has 2GB of ram.

I have Tiger and Snow Leopard discs (both retail), plus a Mac Mini if I need it for anything.

Is there a good bootloader to use for 10.4 on this machine? And if there is, could you provide a download link (preferably not sharecash or any other sh*t like that)?

Also,I don't need to dual boot with another OS. If that's the only way to do it, then I will, but I'd prefer it as a single boot machine.

Thanks for all your help,