hi all
I've installed 2 monthes ago the 10.5.7 on my pc. now I have dualboot of windowsxp and mac os x 10.5.7 .
but since then im not sleeping well.
infact my computer does not go into screensaver after the specified idletime.
and also sleep doesnt start as desired (I think there is some kind of a halt of the screen when the specified idle times elaps but the screen does not turn off)
so my screen (and maybe other attached hardware) stays awakes nights after nights without any rest....
any help would be appreciated.

computer details: optiplex 760
bootloader:darwin/x86 boot V 5.0.132 chameleon v2.0 r431

p.s. since I am a noob Ill ask this ignorant questions:
1 do I have 2 bootloaders:darwin and chameleon?
2 Ive heard\saw that in order to solve my screensaver problem I need to upgrade the chameleon boot loader (is chameleon the same as pc-efi? )