Hi all,

I know there are 13 in a dozen of this sort of thread, but I'll post it anyway, since it's quite important to me. Recently I bought an Acer 7750G. The reason I didn't took a Mac, is the price/hardware. I've used Mac my whole life, but I found it a bit too expensive for what I got. Now, I fancied OSX alot more than Windows... So my question, can my hardware handle OSX? I read alot on the internet, and from that information I can conclude that my motherboard is from the wrong type, but maybe You can give me a concrete answer...

Inter Core i7-2630QM
AMD Radeon HD 6850M
120GB SSD & 750GB HDD
Motherboard: ACER JE70_HR

If I've forgotten any specifications, I'll add them as quick as possible.

Thanks in advance.