I think im speaking for a lot of noobs, and noobs who have tried for a very long time, in how to upated kalyway 10.5.2 AMD STYLE! AMD BEING THE MAJOR FACTOR!

im going to admit that i cant get my head around the updates:

1: ive tried downloading the kalyway update, and as alot of other user ive found by SEARCHING AND READING, that:

1a: after you have downloaded before you get to update the kernels, it restarts, even when you add script to try and stop it.

2: the AMD update by sephroyth (excuse the spelling mate (plus the bloke is a genius, more about that at the end) installs and everything, but when it restarts, it gets to the as far as the black and white text (once again, noooob speak) and wont go any futher.

This might sound like a rant, but the people like ichansan (sorry again for the spelling) and the rest of the dudes who put this stuff together and help out, Ive got every respect for you dudes, BUT PLEASE, help me out, all I want to is update! I think Ive tried everything!