Hello everyone, I just got an intallation of OSX somewhat working with my Toshiba L45. I installed it with Iatkos V7. I have gotten Ethernet, sound, video, usb, restart all to work.

Current Issues:

Wifi: I cannot seem to get wifi working though. I opened up the laptop and looked at the WIFI card it is a Realtek 8187b. I installed the kext for it from the Iatkos CD but it seems that OSX is still not finding it.

Sleep: The laptop goes to sleep but will not wake up. I have to reboot for it to work.

SD Card Slot: Is not working, with the cardbus kext from Iatkos.

Aside from that the rest SEEMS to be working fine. Does anyone know what kexts I may need to get the above issues working? And does anyone know a good utility to easily install/remove kexts. I know of a few programs but I'm looking for the best/easiest one to use as I am still failry new to OSX.

Thank you all in advance.