I have installed it on my Hp DV6-1244tx using iATKOS v7

It installed fine, System Runtime error after installhowever I get some problems when I try to boot it. I have tried to run it in safe mode, -s, as well as -v and -x and all of them get the same error message.

The error and same like the pops up EVERY time I try boot is:

Pannic  (CPU 1 Called 0x001b3db7) Local APIC error, ESR: 64\n"@/extra/buildxnu/xnu-1238.12.14/osfmk/i386/lopic .c.610
This also comes up when I try to boot normally:

IOAPIC: Version 0x20 Vectors 64.87
PS2 Controller: Created Dev/PS2Controller
Using IRQ Layout
If anyone else has had this error than I would really like some help to how you got around to fix it. Thanks in Advance
P.S. If this is the wrong place, then could you please move it as I am not sure where it goes.