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Discuss stuck at install MacOS Leopard/Tiger to Sony Vaio VGN-FW4ZTJ?? at the Installation -; ...
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    Default stuck at install MacOS Leopard/Tiger to Sony Vaio VGN-FW4ZTJ??

    Hi there;

    I am stuck in installing EBios read error :Error 0x04 to my Sony Vaio VGN-FW4ZTJ.

    When I boot the machine with the any of the installation, he starts to give ebios read error in different blocks and sectors for different distros.

    You may say the issue is related with DVD-writer or DVD media itself.
    I can inform that the machine is brand new. The DVD medium I used is Sony DVD+R.

    I have partitioned 500 GB into 2. 250 GB is for Windows, other is for MacOS. To do the partitioning, since my Windows OS 64-bit, I even didn't try for Partition Magic and I used Vista's own partitioning by Computer Management. Then, I convert that partition into FAT32, try for the distros and then, I convert it to HFS+ and again try for the distros.

    I have tried for the following distros having all ebios read error except iDeneb.

    iAtkos 4, iAtkos5, iAtkos 7, iDeneb (that doesn't even boot?) and Kalway 10.5.2.

    I have used Roxio 10 to write it with minimum write option which was 2X and I haven't done any operation while writing process continues.


    1) Am I missing something during the write process? (+R, -R such stuff)
    2) which distro do you recommend on this Sony Vaio VGN-FW4ZTJ?

    Sony Vaio VGN-FW4ZTJ component configuration:
    CPU type- Intel Core 2 Duo
    CPU - P8700
    CPU Cache - 3 MB L2 cache
    CPU FSB - 1066Mhz
    CPU Freq.- 2.53 Ghz
    CPU Platform - Intel Core 2 Duo
    Monitor - 16.4" / Full HD 1920 x 1080 WSXGA
    Display Card - ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4650
    Display RAM- 1024 MB
    Max Display Res- 1920 x 1080
    Ram Type- DDR2
    RAM- 6144MB 800 Mhz
    HDD Cap- 500GB 4200RPM
    Optic Drive - Blue Ray Okuyucu DvD Yazıcı
    Wireless - Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n
    Bluetooth- Yes
    USB (Unit) ? 3
    FireWire - No
    10/100 Ethernet - Yes
    OS - MS Vista Home Premium
    HDMI - Yes
    E-Sata - No
    Webcam - Yes
    Weight - 3.1
    Batter - 6 Cells

    Best regards...

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    Default ok progress time

    the EBios read error :Error 0x04 thing is just existent due to the medium itself.
    I have Kalway 10.5.2, iatkos 4,5,7, ipc 10.5.6, jas 10.4.8, ideneb and leo4all.

    So, I had burnt them to my Sony DVD +R in Roxio 10. Now, all of them give error regarding ebios expect for ipc. Then, i start installation for ipc but it get stuck so I had thought burn the same DVD +R in my other laptop with Nero. I burn iatkos 7 and voila. So, I had started to install iatkos but get errors from it. I mean I think I encounter each error and tired of reading forums. The disk, ACPI etc. So, I have given one more try for IPC. The thing is I had stuck in the installation that when installation finishes and I boot the system, no keyboard thing. So, while I was searching forums, I found that there is an ARROW that customizes the installation...Fool me...But the thing is after half installation of IPC before, and iatkos 7 after that, the bootloader finishes my Vista that I lost winlogon.exe and I try to recover it by using recovery disk of Vaio, no use for that partition. He advices to delete all partitions. Hell no...So, i then have done fixmbr and fixboot, which I was nearly sure, it finishes the bootloader, charmelon after darwin. So, my machine was completely dead, no Vista, no Leopard. So, I then thought let's install ubuntu, and see the end of this. lol...In fact even before IPC, I had partitioned my disk with Gparted. HFS+ for leopard, then I install leopard but before partitioning with GPardted, I had partitioned the disk with Windows Vista since it was 64 bit, no known solution works for it. (Try paragon but)

    Now, back to our story, fixmbr, fixboot, bye bye bootloader.

    Now, install time for Ubuntu 8. Ok, successful. But what about grub? Needs reactivation as usual. sda3 -> a means single physical disk =>> hd(0,2) 0->single physical disk.

    but be careful you must be root to reactivate grub but wait, you cannot see the linux drive directly from the ubuntu cd. So use sudo command, even for grub command.

    grub> root (hd0,2)
    grub> steup (hd0)

    Here 0,2 means you have one physical and the linux distro is in 3.

    Then, even grub brings Windows Vista in the list and moreover, I can recover the C drive with this. But yet no Leopard with IPC. So, I searched and find out that boot_v8 works for it and done it. (Note that don't have the entire folder of boot_v8, just itself). At last, all come.

    The other task, driver for my Sony Vaio. Oh dear...I hate marvell yukon while trying the kext files. After editing and some other steps, I really remember, my ethernet is working. I got a backup by OSX86 tools.

    !!!!!!!!!!!Now, my last task was to get the audio but no joy, even I tried lots of ALC 889A drivers. No joy. Please help me I did my best and I reach this point.

    Best regards...



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