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Discuss Stuck after installation reboot at the Installation -; I went to osx86 wiki to find which method to use for my Inspiron 1420 ...
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    Default Stuck after installation reboot

    I went to osx86 wiki to find which method to use for my Inspiron 1420 and it used iAtkos 10.5.5 so I downloaded it (with the custom drivers that it told me to get). Everything went fine with the installation and I got the green checkmark, but here's where things went wrong.

    I used the guide from testing grounds and it said when it boots again to do "-v -f" so I can see where it messes up in detail and this is what I got in yellow from the screen:

    "Failed to load extension org.tgwbd.driver.ACPIPS2Nub."
    and below is says "Extension "" has immediate dependencies on......use only one style".

    After that it does more commands for a bit and then takes me to a blue screen for 4-5 seconds and then goes blank and hangs.

    Is there any way to fix this? What does this error mean? I tried to look it up elsewhere but I virtually got no progress :[ PLEASE I really need help in this because I've been trying ALL day long trying to get OS X on my laptop...


    UPDATE: I tried reinstalling and taking off the recommended PS/2 driver since in its description it said that you don't really need it if you're also installing x86 ACPI (which I was). This time it didn't highlight it in yellow, but the phrase still showed up on boot up and still took me to a blue screen then a hang....

    I just noticed that there's a problem going on with my graphics card (GMA965 "X3100") and probably takes blame for the hangs. The thing is there's a driver tab for Intel X3100 in the custom drivers in iAtkos 10.5.5 install so does it not work or...? Is there any way to FIX this problem lol.... What other OS would you recommend if iAtkos isn't a good candidate for my laptop?

    I'm using a Dell Laptop Inspiron 1420
    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16GHZ
    3GB RAM
    Intel Graphics X3100
    Sound Sigmatel HD Codec
    Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit
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