Hi guys m having an strange and unbelivable problem and have got my HP530 notebook almost brick, first I installed osx toh 10.5 rc2, it didn't work good for me but I noticed while repairing win 7 boot manager (which I got to repair so many times) that my notebook some times started refusing to load win7 installer and turned off automatically, then I downloaded iATKOS v7 and installed it on the same partition where I installed 10.5 before, but I erased the partition with osx installer first, due to some driver problem I messed up with my osx so decided to make fresh installations of both win7 and iATKOS v7 so first installed win7 and then osx everything went ok but when I tried to boot with win7 installer to repair the bootmgr my notebook got turned off where GUI mode starts of win7 installer I tried so many times but no luck then I tried winxp but same when winxp installer asks to press f8 for license agreement it turned off and i couldn't manage to install any of them, then I tried changing RAM, DVD rom, DVDs n CDs even flashed the bios but no luck then I tried win vista and it worked fine after that I installed osx again and then same thing happened when I went to repair vista bootmgr it turned off, now it is not letting me install anything but osx I changed my hard drive, removed the CMOS battery for 5 mins to reset CMOS settings Tried enabling n disabling SATA native mode from setup but failed and now it seems that I have almost got my notebook f**ked
I don't know what to do I did everything I could, only the motherboard n processor r left everything else is tested, even my hard disk worked fine in other laptop

guys pls help me out I'm stuck

the strange thing is that it has no problem with osx installer it works fine
it looks like my notebook has turned into a real mac book

Pls help as soon as possible I m posting this thread with my iPhone coz mac doesn't work with wifi n I m not able to use Internet on it