A new problem..what a surprise. When I was in Leopard, the Software Update message box came up. I installed the updates and rebooted. Now it won't start up again. I'm almost positive it's because of my graphics card. I have no idea how to fix all those kexts and whatnot. I've heard the term EFIstudio. I have no idea what it does or how to use it..Or where and when you even run it. I think I need to do something with it though. When I boot in verbose, there's a bunch of messages that say something like Display: Graphics family couldn't be identified..something along those lines. I forget the exact words. But anyway, how do I get my graphics card to work? Everything else seemed to work though. My wireless card worked and the sound drivers worked. When I installed Leopard in iAtkos I just clicked nVidia so I guess it installed everything but the 200 model drivers. Can someone please help me? And don't just say: delete this kext..install this kext..please tell me exactly how to do it because I don't even know where I would modify anything.