I have iATKOS v7 running on my old Sony Vaio FZ21E laptop.
Only additional items selected in customized install were Voodoo PS2 mouse/trackpad driver.

Sound works fine with the default iATKOS selected drivers.

Laptop screen works (8400m GT) - but is detected as 32mb display and no qe/ci and only after installing NVinject and removing NVDAResman - this is fine for what I need. I've done a lot of hunting and it seems this is the best I'll get. I'm running 1280x800x32 so it's useable.

I cannot get Wired/Wireless network working. It only detects a firewire port which it lists under networking in sys profile.

I believe that the Wired/Wifi chipsets are

Wired: Marvell Yukon 88E88055
Wireless: Intel 4965 wifi

If anyone can confirm that these chipsets are correct on the FZ21e, and help get at least the wired network up and running I'd be very grateful. I'm using this to learn Objective C / iPhone app development and really need access to the net as I learn.

iATKOS has Wired: Marvell Yukon 88E8056 in wired customize items, but this doesn't work.

Cheers guys.