After trying several OSX distros, I finally stumbled upon iDeneb, which is the only DVD that I have actually been able to boot to and install Leopard from. The installation took a while as expected, but it seemed to install fine.

However, I cannot boot into the new installation. It gives me a variety of errors depending on what parameters I use to boot with in iBoot. Here is what I've tried (the first line is the parameters, and the second line is the last line of the error[s] I get):

(Note: all of these occurred while my BIOS setting was set to IDE, instead of ACPI. I had installed Mac OS X while the setting was set to ACPI. I don't know if that could be a problem or not.)

cpus=1 -F -v
PS2Controller: Created dev /ps2controller

Failed to load extension

-v -s
Failed to load extension

-v cpus=1
SMBIOSEnabler: started

-v -x
Failed to load extension
Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks.