I installed with iDeneb v1.4 (10.5.6) onto my Sager NP5791.

Now when I boot, I first see the Grey Apple screen with a spinner, than a blue screen for about 2 seconds, then a black screen with a beachball spinner that never ends and eventually the beachball goes away.

However, when I boot with a '-x' option, it boots right up. Audio is not working, but I figured I can tackle that problem after figuring out why it won't boot normally. Oh yeah, and if I leave it alone long enough it will 'go-to-sleep', turning the screen black, and then I can't 'wake-it-up'.

Is there a way to tell what the difference is between the safe boot and normal boot? I mean, I see many, many .kext files in /System/Library/Extensions, but which are being ignored by safe boot?

Thanks for any help.