Hello people

My Mac mini died on me a couple of months out of warranty. It'd had very little use. Neither Apple nor the retailer I bought it from are willing to help. I own a MacBook and will most likely buy a MacBook Pro within the next 6 months for work. So frankly Apple are getting more than enough dollars off me and I have no qualms trying to rescue my Mac mini by whatever means necessary

Could a third party mobo and a Hackint0osh distro be the way to go? Obviously it would need to live in a new case/psu, but can I rescue all the other parts? The chip is an Intel C2D at 2.?Ghz (a T7200) which is Socket 478 format I believe. I guess this could limit my choices as they are quite dated chips and were mobile/laptop oriented anyway.

I also have an ATI Radeon 7200 card from an old Windows machine. I remember a while ago that Nvidia was better supported on Hackint0sh than ATI. Is this still true?

So, worthwhile trying do you think? Can anybody recommend a mobo? If I could revive the mini for under 100 ukp I'd be happy.