There is this thread over at insanelymac:
P5N-E SLI nForce 650i Leopard Complete Walkthrough Guide
[HowTo] P5N-E SLI nForce 650i leopard Complete Walkthrough Guide - InsanelyMac Forum

can i follow this guide if i am using iAtkos V7 10.5.7? Are there any settings that would affect installation if using the latest release? Also does my BIOS version make a difference, i have V0703.

This is very challenging. a lot of reading and googling, i've tried all distros but this one. I cant get any help over there so i'm hoping to do better here. thanks in advance!!!

specs as follows:
asus p5n-e SLI
intel 2.4ghz quad
4gb corsair ddr800
160gb SATA maxtor
512mb Nvidia quadro fx1700