Hi Guys! I have a problem. My phone has died, and I thought, hey, why not replace your old 1st gen ipod touch with a iphone! Only one small problem. I dont have any money, or a job for that matter. No matter, I'll grab a mac! Wait, no, the whole no money thing.... Wait! *lightbulb* I'll download one of those cracked OSX .isos!, Whack it in, and start getting my head around xcode.

8 hours later and Im stuck with a kalyway 10.5.2 disc and a HD that most certainly DOESNT have OSX on it.

So my question to you is? How do I reach OSX and Iphone developing nirvana? My specs are a q8200, a Gigabyte EP45-DS3 Mobo, a 120gb Sata HD, a 24inch Benq Monitor and a Gigabyte 4850 GPU.

Help me obi-wan-hackintoshie. Your my only hope!