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Discuss Problems when trying to select the HD at the Installation -; Specs: MSI Mobo (is compatible) Intel Pentium D 820 2.something GHz Phoenix BIOS 1GB RAM ...
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    Default Problems when trying to select the HD

    MSI Mobo (is compatible)
    Intel Pentium D 820 2.something GHz
    Phoenix BIOS
    1GB RAM
    250GB Western digital HD
    Windows Vista Home Premium *gets sick*

    Trying to install:
    iATKOS (or whatever its called) v7 (10.5.7)
    Kalyway 10.5.2([offtopic]Are they not doing hackint0sh anymore??[/offtopic]


    When trying to select a HDD in Disk Utility, nothing comes up...At all.

    I have changed the SATA controller from IDE to RAID with no succession.

    So, what do I do from here. I could try using the Boot-132 with the Retail DVD but I don't fully understand what Boot-132 is (I know its a bootloader and thats it)

    n00bie question but..what happens if I turn the SATA Controller off in the BIOS?? Will that make any difference.

    I know there is 1001 different threads out there on Google but this problem is different than everyone else.

    I have tried the whole -v cpus=1 etc but nothing.

    Thanks in Advance guys!

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    I'm no authority on this but I think you don't have your BIOS options set up right. If that's not it then I'd say its just the distro you're trying to use. I've got 9 different distros myself and the one that works the best for me is iDeneb.

    What's the chipset on that motherboard?

    When I first started trying this, I wouldn't see any drive listed where you can select the drive for the install. I'd go into the Disk Utility and using certain distros, I couldn't select a drive or partition to format. Using iDeneb however, I could. I know if won't let you select any drive if it's not formatted to the Extended Journal thingie. If you don't show any drive at all in the Disk Utility, then I'd say it's still a BIOS setting somewhere and you should research that motherboard on this forum.

    I know that's not much help to you but it's all I can offer from my very limited experience.



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