Hi everybody, first of all sry for my english, i'm from argentina, and it's just school english, the other day i downloaded iAtkos v7 and burn it into a DVD, i boot it and when it finish ''loading'' in the black with white letters screen my pc reboots, so i started googoling and i tried putting F8 and typing ''cpus=1'' that works until the ''apple logo screen'' so when this screen appears it freez, yesterday i left it a time in that screen and nothing, i tried in -v mode (-v cpus=1) but it was the same, what i mean is that it hangs in a point, i suppose that in the -v mode it hangs at the same point that in the apple logo screen, if somebody can help me it'll be really good, i googoled a lot but nothing, thanks.


- Motherboard: MSI G41TM-P21 (MS-7529)
- CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo
- Video Card: Ati Raedon HD 4770
- DDR2: 4GB
- HDD: Sata 465GB's

I did the same thread in Snow Leopard, but it isn't Snow, so i think this is the section, sory.