a few months ago i blew my power supply, the reason i think is when leopard went into sleep mode.
when i went to press the power button while it was in sleep mode it blew right away, is there a reccomended power setting for the mother board to stop this from happening, or is it a freak incident??

also i have a seagate 750bg external hard disk, for no reason it seems to disconnect itself whilst in leopard, it's as though someone has pulled the cable out without dismounting the drive, i'v tried using firewire and a usb cable and it still happens,

and one last thing, my i-pod will not connect to i tunes, it causes my machine to crash, it will first recognise it by displaying what model it is, then the icon disapears and a message says that it cannot be recognised, then the machine proceeds to crash,

cheers eveyone