I have managed to install Leopard on my laptop, but i'm having some issues getting it to start up - basically if I try to boot up just using the laptop's screen I get a whole load of garbled mess when it's finished booting. However if I boot up using a monitor plugged in to my laptop (and if I disable the laptop screen) then I get a black background with just the mouse pointer...nothing else loads!

The furthest I have managed to get is booting into safe mode on an external monitor, where the OS will boot fine. This loads at 1440 x 900 resolution, so i'm guessing that's why it won't work on my laptop screen because the highest resolution that supports is 1024 x 768. I have tried changing the resolution by editing the com.apple.boot.plist file, and also by entering "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32" on the boot menu, but nothing I do will change the resolution!

The only way it seems I can change the resolution is whilst in safe mode through the settings menu, but it just reverts back to 1440 x 900 as soon as I restart! Can anyone help me with this? I would be very grateful because after what seems a hundred installations it feels like I am very close to getting this working!

My laptop is an Advent 7085
CPU: Intel Pentium M725 1.60GHz
Chipset: Intel i915GM
Memory: 2GB PC2700
Hard Drive: 30GB
Video Card: Intel 915GM
Sound Card: Realtek AC'97
Network Card: Realtek 8139/810X
Wireless: Intel Pro 2200BG wireless LAN


9.5.0 Voodoo Kernel
Intel GMA915
VIA/SiS/Marvell/SB Chipset Drivers
AC97 Audio
Intel PROSet /Wireless 2200
Seatbelt.kext 10.5.5
PS/2 Keyboard Fix
All applications