i am having trouble to install ideneb v1.3 please help
im trying to dual boot my computer on 2 different hard drives im trying to install mac os x leopard on a seagate 500gb hdd. i have windows 7 installed on a westen digital hard drive.
i have an intel celeron cpu.
asus motherboard: P5G41T-M LX2
graphics card: nvidia 9500 GT
i can get through the instilation fine but when i restart the computer it gets stuck at the apple logo screen that you get at the start up.
ive tried pressing F8 and then typing -x cpus=1 and cpus=1 but it loads the apple logo and the spinning thing under it but then doesn't do anything it just stays like that for ages. Ive left it for a couple of hours doing that and it hasn't moved.