Hello all as you can see i'm new too hackint0sh forums. well i successfully install mac on my toshiba satellite a135-s4527 laptop with Genuine Inter(R)CPU T2080 @1.7Ghz 1.73GHz dual-Core
1.5gigs ram
32 bit...
kinda outdated but still worked :] i installed using iDeneb. v 5.5 or something for sure its leopard not .6 snowleopard
everything worked fine alot of drivers were good. sound usb video card, etc..but i had no wi-fi drivers so i decided to go back to windows. now that i'm back on windows i want to go back to mac but no wi fi drivers are a pain so what i want to do now is partition my harddrive so i can run windows7 and macOSx86 leopard. how can i partition the harddrive to do this? any tutorials on how to do this with iDeneb? like i said im new to this forum and don't know if this is the right place to put this but help would be well appreciated .

i did find out how to install mac on my pc by this site lol :] but my reading other peoples threads so now i decided to join and ask a question. thank you for your time