those are the stats of my pc
i know for a fact that it can run it
but when it boots
it goes to the darwin bootloader
then its says press any key to boot from cd or f8 for more options
both take me to the same place
then it just says kaliway blah blah 10.5.2 intel amd blah blah
at the bottom it has a small area to type
so ive tried -x, -s, -v, cpus=1 -v -f

ive literally tried every command i could find
but it doesnt work
only cpus=1 -v -f, -x and -f have gotten atleast some progress
but then all this text just pops up for a minute or so
then my computer beeps and reboots

i burned the .iso with poweriso at 4x speed (slowest for sureness)
and the cd has no scratches or any flaws
but it doesnt work
i just bought this computer today for 2-$ and i guessed
hey it has sse2 lets try it out
but it hasnt worked
any idea why?
sadly i cant screenshot the startup
but it says apple and mac and kext alot
and it shows tons of files
until a minute latyer it stops and reboots
would u recommend i try iatkos or something else as a solution?
any same issues?
help the bestu can plz

sorry if i posted in wrong section and if i did i would be more than glad if mod moved (if i posted in wrong section)