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Discuss OSX & Windows 7 USB bootable flash drive tutorial & Easy DUALBOOT tutorial at the Installation -; USB bootable flash drive for OSX - need to do this on a windows OS ...
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    Default OSX & Windows 7 USB bootable flash drive tutorial & Easy DUALBOOT tutorial

    USB bootable flash drive for OSX - need to do this on a windows OS
    1. Format your usb flash drive using HP format utility in windows choose quick format and FAT32 you can download HP format utility
    2. Download the ideneb version you want
    1.3 torrent - Here
    1.4 torrent - Here
    1.5 torrent - Here

    3. Download leopard HD helper from here

    4. Open the file ddmac and choose your ideneb iso on the top.

    5. On the next section large drop down select your flash drive in the image below it shows up as e: but before you select your flash drive make sure to uncheck the ?? checked box by the ??! button.

    6. Select your flash drive and then recheck the ??

    7. Make sure the last drop down is your windows drive in the image you see that as c:[].
    Now click the ??! button and once the process is finished you have a bootable iDeneb flash drive.

    USB flash drive for Windows 7 (Tutorial was taken from Here) This is done on a Windows OS

    1. Open up command promt or type cmd in run
    Type the following:
    SELECT DISK 1 (select your usb flash drive)

    3. then load win 7 into your dvd or load the iso image

    4. Now go back to cmd if you left it open type exit or reopen a new cmd.
    Type the following:

    D: (whatever letter your windows directory is locate in)
    D: CD BOOT
    BOOTSECT.EXE /NT60 H: (D = where my win7 cd is & H = usb flash drive in this case)

    Now simply transfer all of the files from the Iso or DVD onto the flash disk and you will be able to install windows vista / 7 on a bootable flash drive.

    Dualboot setup:

    If you want OSX and Windows as a dual boot.

    1. Load OSX and go into disk utility set your HD partition up however you want to make it easier make it 2 separate partitions. Set your 2nd partition as mac extended journaled and your 1st partition as fat (so windows can recognize it)
    install osx on the 2nd partition then restart and you will be able to boot into OSX.
    2. Restart and load your windows cd / dvd vista or windows 7. Go to custom and select to format your 1st partition and install windows on that partition. Remember to not delete the 200MB partition that OSX creates during installation.You will then be able to boot into windows upon restart but not OSX. Next boot into windows without cd/dvd and download Easy BCD Here
    go into add/remove entry click on the Mac tab and go to generic x86 PC and add entry restart and you will be able to choose either osx or windows to boot into. Again remember to not delete the 200MB partition that OSX creates during installation when installing windows. I learned it the hard way and ended up installing everything twice.

    In case you cant boot into OSX for whatever reason load using your install dvd and type (from pohuty msi wind forums)

    1. -s
    2. print
    3. flag * (* is your HFS+ partition)
    4. update
    5. write
    6. exit
    7. reboot

    you can now boot into OSX but not windows
    load into windows using the dvd install go to repair and startup repair
    you can then load into windows and check your EasyBCD and redo the boot process
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