Howdy folks. I have an Eee PC 904ha, GMA950 video chipset, Atom CPU, 2GB RAM, and 120(?)gb HD.

I'm having some issues trying to get OS X installed. I know it's been done on a 904ha before- I've seen videos, but I can't seem to narrow down a specific method or tutorial for it.

My first method is using the Boot-132 CD (v 1.11?) and a retail 10.5.6 disc. When doing that I get this:

I tried with no options, but all I get is the grey screen w/logo (and no spinning wheel thingy) forever. I tried with -v and this is where it hangs. I tried with -v "Graphics Mode"="800x600x32" and it hangs in the same place. I tried with -v "Graphics Mode"="800x600x32" -x -f, and it hangs before the dsmos message.

I tried with the cpus=1 tag, still hangs.

Any idea?

I also tried iAtkos v7 and it hangs as well.