Hi together

I want to develop a Iphone App and therefore i need an Apple. But before buying one, i would like to try it at my pc first. So do you have any hints whats better for this:

1) Installing OSX on a separate partition
2) Running OSX over VMWARE?

Last week I tried to install it on the pc following this guide The ultimate OSX on PC guide and using but when booting from the ToH RC2 disk. But when booting from the DVD an error message occurs

using 16384 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers

i used google search to find this problem, but there are many many different solutions like replacing files, deactivating RAM, and so on...

so do you have any suggestions whats better... possibilty 1) or 2) and if 2) how can i avoid this error message?

thanks scm23