So after multiple installs ive gotten mac os x leopard working on my pc. Everything works including sound,lan etc.
The only problem i cant fix is the shutdown/sleep issue. Yes i have read through multiple forums and they all point me to the same direction.... Install openhaltrestart.kext but that does not work for me once i update to 10.5.6. Sleep/shutdown worked on 10.5.5. Is there any other thing i can try im open to anything. Is there any kext i can copy from 10.5.5 prior to updating to 10.5.6 and installing them with OSX86tools. I really hate having to hold the power button and crashing my computer to shut down. Thanks in adavance.

Asus P5K3 deluxe P35 ICH9
Q6600 quad core
Raptor X 150GB
Diamond 2600 xt
4gb XMS3 1333mhz