Okay I have been on this site allot when i jailbroke my iphone last year and found that these users are very smart so i been reading around and decided to make a hackintosh from my old pc its a BIOSTAR TA690G with AMD Athlon 64 X2 processor. well any ways i know its prob on here some were else if you know were can you tell me or answer this I installed iatkos v7 on my hard drive and after allot of reading and stuff i got it to work some lol here is what i have to do to get on rd=disk0s1 -v -x thats safe mode what i am on right now but if i just do rd=disk0s1 -v it loads like in safe mode then go's just to a black screen so i hope that one of you smarter people that have used os x for a while could help me out