I have an old rig, AMD 3200+, 1 gb ram, Gigabyte Ga-KNF mobo (cant remember exact). Old 6600 nvidia 256.
A year ago I tried puting Leo on my desktop with 10.5.2, that got onto my second hdd fine, but then crashed after a while when it would sleep or be stagnant for long. Some software didnt work. All in all it was buggy.
So I tried ideneb and iPC 10.5.6. ideneb doenst fully install, it says clean the disc then reinstall, theres a lot of confusing talk about which kernels and drivers i need to install. I'm new to all this.
If anybody can shed some light onto this. what I'm doing wrong. If I'm F'ed from the get go bc the system I'd appreciate it greatly.
I'm confused about the seatbelt voodoo thing. Would a wrong driver ruin the installation. Any info would help. THANKS!