Having successfully completed the installation of iDeneb v1.5.1 OSX 10.5.7 I am now stuck at the npvhash=4095 error page. Would you kindly let me know what I can do to get past this? I have tried inputting cpus=1, with -s, -x, -v, -f, etc. and all the combinations and permutations at prompt and arrived at the same frozen screen. If I boot directly into OSX then it is a grey mac screen with the spinning mac circle forever. During the installation of iDeneb, I elected to install ALL of the drivers hoping to ensure I had all the patches I needed (not sure how much help that did).

Link to the error page: STUCK | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


Specs: MSI p55-gd55 mobo, i5-760 CPU, 4GB RAM, GTX460 1gb card, 640 WD 7200rpm HDD, 550W power supply.