DISCLAIMER: The questions don't get much more basic than this... but I have not been able to find answers in any of the other threads or stickies, and I have actually searched! (probably because the questions don't get much more basic than this! So please, bear with me... )

My husband has a standard-issue white MacBook 13.3" (that we both dearly love).... running OSX 10.5.8. It is the only computer in the house at the moment, and I want one! The idea is to buy a netbook and do a hackintosh on it. But I don't even (literally) know where to begin.

#1: Can I install OSX on the new netbook using the install/restore disc that was provided with the existing MB?

#2: I have been considering the Dell Mini 10v and the HP Mini 110, since they seem to be among the most popular in terms of hackintoshing. I think I like the HP better... but I want to go with the one that is going to be the best with OSX, and the easiest install. Of the 2, which is the most recommended? Or would you recommend something different?

#3: How does the Hackintosh perform in the long-term? Has anybody had one going for an extended period yet, and have any problems popped up?

I would love to see a guide/tutorial that answers all of the really basic stuff like this... does anyone know of one anywhere?

Thanks for the help!!

---Sherri (Mac lover with no money for the 2nd Mac....)