Hey everyone-

I'm new here, and believe it or not I own a real Mac.

However, I'm not in search of Hackintosh for myself. My father has a PC laptop he cannot stand. He could not afford a mac, but still cannot put up with the frustrations of a PC (he's a little older). Luckily, I'm fairly tech savvy (had my fair share of PCs).

I was curious to know if some of the resident experts here could help me in assessing if I could successfully install hackintosh on his Gateway laptop, and get the integrated wireless to function as well.

I can probably easily go and grab the information of the hardware components installed in the laptop and someone might be able to tell me if it's a plausible endeavor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if this works out you guys have more information for the hackintosh community. Just no hardcore experimenting, please. I can't afford to take any risk in damaging the hardware, so let's keep it safe.