I am a pure newbie in mac topics..

I want to study leopard so I will buy a Mac..

I have checked HCL and found that the correct distro for my motherboard [MSI K9A2 Platinum] is iPC with Voodoo 9.5.0 Kernel + Sealbelt Fix

I have an AMD 9650 which is supported according to HCL

I have Ati Radeon HD 4670 (is not supported but according to a tech in AMD forums I can use old drivers and then download the mac hd edition from amd site !!!need some instructions on that!!!)

I have 2 hard disks in sata mode one 500Gb and one 80 Gb.. In The first one I run Vista and the second is cleared for the Mac OS

I want to know what should I check out of the checkbox I got from http://pcwizcomputer.com/ipcosx86/?page_id=96

Should anyone can help me?? If you need more info about my pc I could propably give

Should I use a boot manager of my own or install one iPC contains??