ok so i need loads of help here...

im currently dual booting vista and xp, and i wanted 2 add iAtkos 5i into the mix, so i downloaded the disk and (very very slowly) burned it to a disk and finalised it.

it boots and loads the disk then it gets 2 the point where it says "darwin/x86" then it just restarts from there and loops.

i made a video to demonstrate this as im hopeless at explaining

(recorded on my iphone with cycorder its come out great i think)

YouTube - my iAtkos 5i installation problem

my hardware,
4gb ddr2 ram
intel core 2 quad 2.33ghz
1tb sata2 hdd - vista home premium
40gb ide hdd - xp pro
250gb sata2 hdd - for iAtkos...if itl work
my mobo is an msi... ive been told thats a problem...

any help would really be apreciated! i know im a noob but im willing 2 learn.