Hi Guys

Im new here and new to OSX and would like to say this site is fantastic...without it I would of been stuffed on installing this on my Dell laptop....some really clever people out there...big respect!!!!!

Loving this Hackintosh install on my Dell XPS 1530, everything is working apart from the wireless Intel card (Which i believe is a 3945 model)cant seem to find a kext for it even though I used the Universal 10.5.6 ISO to which you could select it but doesnt work ;-(

The only other thing is the when shutting down the laptop, the screen does turn off but the system does seem to be on still, I have to press the power button to turn the whole unit off...bit annoying but as a Microsoft Windows Professional who has never run Mac software before I am really impressed overall.....

I have sound, I can play Dvd's, I can surf the web via ethernet and Firefox (To which I have to say is faster than my other Dell Vostro Dual Core Windows XP Laptop???)...I have MSN messenger running...life is good!!!

All I need now is U torrent to work on this Hackbook and I will be one happy dude...anyone used bit torrent for a hackbook?? Good performance??

Cheers Guys and thanks all