Well I have an AMD PC currently running XP, is this guide correct? The ultimate OSX on PC guide
I have a few questions which I would love to be answered:

1) Is that insllation guide correct?
2) Is it even possible to install Leopard on an AMD PC?
3) How would I go about dual booting? Will I have to do that after Leopard is completley installed or do I have to do it before/inbetween?
4) What do I do if I get problems with sound, graphics or Wi-Fi? (Also, what are the chances of getting these problems?)
5) How long does this take (approx.)
6) When installing Leopard on an AMD PC, do I have to do any tweaks to the BIOS, or any patching or anything or do I just insert the ISO CD and boot from that as this article says? http://dailyapps.net/2007/12/hack-at...just-one-step/

That is all, although there are quite a few questions but I would be highly greatful for anyone who helps me out with this frustrating topic.