So i just installed osx leopard from the osx 86 ultimate final iso and while installing it both my internal keypad and mouse pad worked, but once installed it complained about not finding either of them. i just plugged in my usb keyboard and mouse and carried on the installation thinking it wouldnt be too hard to fix later, but i dont know how :(

and also everything related to video lags, youtube, Dvd, voddler. i remember that youtube worked great before the sound worked :P but after i installed the voodoo audio fix it started to misbehave...

pleace help :(

i have an eee 901
4/8gb storage
2gb ram
and the latest bios flashed

these are the guides i followed:

eee Mac journey: Install OS X on an EEE PC 900A, 901, 1000, 1000H, 1000HD (and possibly HE) Version 1.11 Now with working ethernet!
pastebin - collaborative debugging tool

everything else works fine musik surfing etc

Thanks !

i cant call my mac portable if i have to carry around a keyboard with it :/