Ok, so, lets get started. I already tried to install iATKOS v5i on my computer and it was sucessfully, I patched my BIOS with v1903 and it installed and runned ok.

Now, I wanted to install iATKOS v7 and I followed this tutorial, patched my BIOS with v2001 by Jizzi that I found on this tutorial and tried to install iATKOS v7.

I've created a partition with Windows Partition Manager, with 14GB and formatted as FAT32, the installation process was nice, but, when it boots:

1. If SATA mode is selected to IDE after install the boot goes ok, but the screen goes black and a music stays playing on the background.

2. If SATA mode stays selected to AHCI after installing, I select MACOSX partition on Chamaleon and about 10 seconds while the loading ball is rotating (understand me ok?), appears a "blocked" icon upper to the Apple Logo.

Now, lets get started with the other problems:

Installing iATKOS broken my partition letters, translating, my C: partition was turned into D: and my D: partition was turned into C:, what this means?

Windows Bootloader cant find \windows\system32\winload.exe because the default MBR is set to C: but now the partition is D:.

Luckly, I'm very curious and I found "diskpart" on WINDOWS CMD (not the windows DVD one) and I repaired my MBR and booted with Windows 7.

Ok so, resuming, I want to know If i can install iATKOS v7 with v2001 BIOS on my P5Q-E, or I have to do other things.

Thank you for the attention and help.